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  Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program

The psychiatric residential treatment model utilizes a holistic approach for the treatment of sexually abusive and sexually reactive behaviors. This program accepts males exhibiting sexually abusive or significant sexually reactive behaviors between the ages of 9 and 18 with an IQ greater than 69. These youths must also have an DSM-IV axis I diagnosis.

Alabama Clinical Schools has developed a therapeutic milieu that addresses all aspects residents’ needs – behavioral, psychiatric, social, leisure and recreational, medical and family. Treatment is based on Rational Behavior training methods along with elements of Cognitive-Behavioral theory, to assist individuals in changing their thinking patterns, emotions and behavioral responses.

Individual and group therapy explores topics of legal questions, additional thinking errors, and victim empathy, etc. Individuals also learn additional skills that may assist in seeing how events in one’s life may trigger old thinking patterns and set an offense cycle in action. Content and process aim to identify new coping strategies to intervene in these situations and self-confronting skills to prevent sexual acting out behavior. Issues are processed psycho-dynamically with a Masters prepared Therapist.








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Physicians are on the medical staff of Alabama Clinical Schools, but, with limited exceptions, are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Alabama Clinical Schools. The facility shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians.

Model representations of real patients are shown. Actual patients cannot be divulged due to HIPAA regulations.